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We definitely appreciate the beauty of natural wood. But isn't it ironic that we are using hazardous materials to beautify and protect our wood?

Just like you, we were looking for a wood-finishing product that was effective yet natural for our wood. Something that would be safe for us and the environment, and also one that doesn't compromise on quality. But the wood treatment sector is so saturated with finishes that release toxic fumes and VOCs that it was tough looking for a clean product .  We decided to go on a search for a wood-oil finish that would meet our exacting standards and that led us to Rubio Monocoat from Belgium. A mono-coat system that is VOC FREE, now that was rare!  We were then determined to make a change in the flooring and wood-working industry here and that was how Rubio Monocoat Singapore began.

About Rubio Monocoat and its Advanced Molecular Binding Technology
  • Durable protection

  • Easy to maintain and repair

  • Natural ingredients, VOC-free

  • No overlaps

  • One single layer

  • Unique colors

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