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Colour Trends 2018

Updated: Jun 22, 2018

Rubio Monocoat has been the king of colours on wood since 2005, and after the great success of our RMC Colour Trends 2017 in the past year, we are happy to introduce our RMC Colour Trends 2018. ​Based on the colour trends for interior design, we again developed some gorgeous collections. This time it's split up into two different themes: Arctic Adventures and the Eastern Encounters.​

The Arctic Adventures colour collection was inspired by the fascinating natural Northern scenery with its sublime, warm and soft accents. It is the start of an adventure through the unspoilt plains, ending with rosy winter cheeks in a warm, homey atmosphere. Get bundled up and enjoy our tender delicate selection with a cup of hot chocolate in your hand.

The colours Frost Green, Heather Purple and Winter Blush were created to be combined with a selection of our standard RMC Oil Plus 2C colours, such as Bourbon, Cotton White, Mud Light and Slate Grey.


The Eastern Encounters colour collection was inspired by the mysterious Eastern culture and its remarkable colour richness. Our stylish colour selection is a warm meeting with their unique balance between energy and relaxation. Whether it is morning or evening, these colours always bring out the best in you. Reveal their mysteries and enjoy these adventurous colours every day. 

The colours Pomegranate Pink, Rusty Brown and Teal Blue were created to be combined with a selection of our standard RMC Oil Plus 2C colours, such as Mahogany, Oyster and Pine, but also with one of our Trend Colours 2017: Midnight Indigo.

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